Simon Tam Keynote Speaker Profile & Video Press Kit

A video press kit highlighting some key events and topics:

TEDx Talk Playlist

A list of all TEDx talks to date. Use arrows to advance to the next talk:
1. How to Talk With a White Supremacist (TEDxUCR)
2. Give Racism a Chance (TEDxSpokane)
3. Pitching Your Way to the TEDx Stage (TEDxColoradoSprings)
4. Losing the Line Between Art & Activism (TEDxErie)
5. The Innovation of Immigrants (TEDxFrontRange)
6. Your Life Has a Word Count Limit – Make Every Word Count (TEDxSalem)
7. A New Slant on Racism (TEDxUofW)
8. Yes, Read the Comments Section (TEDxBend)
9. Once Upon an App: An Online Dating Fairytale (TEDxDupontCircleEd)

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