The Power of Noticing

Today, I got a message from Seth Godin.   To be more accurate, I got a reply back to my note thanking him for his work, which has been incredibly influential to me.   He's one of the most in-demand authors and speakers in the world. To even send a few words, to say "I … Continue reading The Power of Noticing

Interview with Business Info Guide

I recently did an interview with @bizauthor of Business Info Guide about the inspiration behind my book, How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements, as well as how I like to stay organized for productivity. Check it out here.

3 Broad Impacts the Internet has made on Marketing

  I was recently asked to profile three, broad ways the internet has impacted marketing. Here's my take on it: The Internet has transformed marketing in a number of ways. Three of the greatest impacts include: Consumers now have the power. Previously, brands had all of the control in terms of messaging. However, with the Internet ("Web … Continue reading 3 Broad Impacts the Internet has made on Marketing

What Would You Write in 500 Words?

I was blessed to have been selected as a "luminary" on the site,, which has hosted inspirational words of wisdom from the likes of Seth Godin, Sir Richard Branson,  Guy Laliberte, and many others. I hope you'll take a moment to check out the piece I wrote and share it with others. What I wrote today … Continue reading What Would You Write in 500 Words?

What Google Algorithms Can Teach Us About Organic Marketing

Google Filtering and Organic Marketing One of the most amazing accomplishments of Google has been the development of complicated algorithms that can predict your future behavior. Essentially, it is accomplished by taking the aggregate of all past searches and behavior online: what types of content you click through, search terms, how you are connected through … Continue reading What Google Algorithms Can Teach Us About Organic Marketing

The Snooze Button Effect

One of the great disservices to production is the snooze button mentality. For the longest time, I could never understand why someone would use the snooze button because it always took a little to fall asleep again and one always seems to be more tired after that additional five or ten minutes anyway. Why not … Continue reading The Snooze Button Effect