The Direct Approach

If you're active on Linkedin, chances are that you receive generic pitches in your feed or messages on a regular basis. Today, I received one that said "We work with a lot of Principals in your industry," which clearly meant that he didn't bother to see what my industry was, A few days ago, I … Continue reading The Direct Approach

Why People Hate to Buy a New Car

  I guess you can say that I've been in the new car market for a while now. My current car has about a quarter million miles and has served my faithfully for well over a decade. In fact, I've probably been looking at new cars off-and-on again for about ten years but I hate … Continue reading Why People Hate to Buy a New Car

Finding Your “It Factor”

Have you ever wondered why people are drawn to certain celebrities, songs, television commercials, or other interests?  The French refer to it as je ne sais quoi, or the indefinable quality that makes someone special. It’s the “it factor.” Sales, marketing, and advertising executives call this USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. It’s a term that … Continue reading Finding Your “It Factor”

Why Desperation Doesn’t Sell (Non-profits listen up!)

Businesses, non-profit organizations, and bachelors take note: desperation will not get you what you need. Some fight feel empathy for you, some might even take pity and give a charitable donation, but desperation will not get you a lifelong customer, donor, or mate! People like to invest in success. There’s a reason why a busy … Continue reading Why Desperation Doesn’t Sell (Non-profits listen up!)

The Snooze Button Effect

One of the great disservices to production is the snooze button mentality. For the longest time, I could never understand why someone would use the snooze button because it always took a little to fall asleep again and one always seems to be more tired after that additional five or ten minutes anyway. Why not … Continue reading The Snooze Button Effect