The Social Media Payoff

  Media Bistro shared this great graphic over the benefits of digital marketing and how it provides a better return on investment than most other endeavors. Check out the article here: Social, Mobile, Content - The Digital Marketing Trio of 2013

Measuring ROI (Return on Investment)

Traditional marketing mediums like television, print advertising, billboards, etc. provide very little in terms of data to measure your return on investment. Though 10,000 cars might drive by a sign each day, how many pay attention? How many care? And even if it results in a new customer, how is that measured? Just because a tv … Continue reading Measuring ROI (Return on Investment)

Finding Your “It Factor”

Have you ever wondered why people are drawn to certain celebrities, songs, television commercials, or other interests?  The French refer to it as je ne sais quoi, or the indefinable quality that makes someone special. It’s the “it factor.” Sales, marketing, and advertising executives call this USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. It’s a term that … Continue reading Finding Your “It Factor”

Self-Entitled Marketing

The concept of "Permission Marketing" has been around for some time. Popularized by marketing guru and author Seth Godin, it essentially boils down to marketers asking for "permission" before advancing to higher levels of engagement or a purchasing process with customers. It's often contrasted with what Godin likes to call "interruption marketing," the practice where … Continue reading Self-Entitled Marketing

Why Businesses Should Invest Into Building a Healthy Arts Community

Why it is Important and What Benefits are Available Business have much to gain from partnering with other organizations, brands, and events. Since the concept of "branding" has existed, it has been important to create strategic relationships to help define a person's identity, product, and services. However, with limited resources available, it has become even … Continue reading Why Businesses Should Invest Into Building a Healthy Arts Community