Finding Forgiveness

10 years ago I helped a woman I barely knew escape from a violent relationship. Her boyfriend beat her up badly but never went to prison because the cops didn't believe her, even though she was quite bruised. She had nowhere else to go so I offered my home as a safe place to take … Continue reading Finding Forgiveness


The Advice I Give Out Most Often

What's the advice that you find yourself always giving to the people around you? Mine is simple: If your closest loved one were in your situation, what would you tell them to do? Most people know what the right thing to do is - they just either lack the courage and discipline to do so … Continue reading The Advice I Give Out Most Often

Marketing is Like Dating

There are many lessons that can be learned from dating that can be applied to Marketing: Pick-up lines don't work, personality does. Don't rely on the cheesy slogans or buzzwords to get you there, they won't stand on their own. However, if it's a part of your brand and reveals some of your personality, then you … Continue reading Marketing is Like Dating