Scaling Up

Tonight, I'm doing a new presentation in Nashville, TN about scaling up in the music business. It's based on an idea I've been developing for a new book. I believe that many artists get stuck in a rut and find themselves unable to achieve more (in terms of income, new fans, opportunities, or otherwise) because … Continue reading Scaling Up

Relationships and Music

Saw this wonderful quote from Skye Linh today that said "Being single is so much better than being cheated on, lied to and disrespected." It parallels this other axiom about success which states "In life, you don't get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate for." We're often bound by our own fears and … Continue reading Relationships and Music

My Morning Routine Begins with Gratitude

For the last couple of years, articles on the morning routines of CEOs and world-class performers have been an obsession for writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Tim Ferris wrote an entire book (Tools of Titans, see my recommended list here) that explored the concept. I too, became caught up in the spirit of productivity and tried … Continue reading My Morning Routine Begins with Gratitude

When Google Alerts Doesn’t Work

If you are responsible for brand monitoring, vanity searching (aka Googling yourself), or measuring social media temperament for your company, you're probably using Google Alerts. If you aren't, you should go and sign up for their notification system. It's pretty good.If you have been using Google Alerts for a while though, you might notice that things sometimes … Continue reading When Google Alerts Doesn’t Work

12 Productivity Tips That Give You More Time

One of the most commonly asked questions of me is about my sleep, or more specifically, when I find the time to sleep. In addition to working full time and participating in a rigorous MBA program full time, I also run three businesses, am starting a nonprofit (and volunteer/sit on the board for six others), … Continue reading 12 Productivity Tips That Give You More Time

How to Get a Free Lunch

  Earlier today, I received a notice that a certain restaurant chain was interested in providing me with some free meals in exchange for reviews and tweets about them. When I shared the news with a friend, they asked "how can I get a free lunch too?" Here's the secret: there's no such thing as a … Continue reading How to Get a Free Lunch

How to Turn off Farmville, Events, and Other Annoying Notifications on Facebook

If you're like me, you're sick of Farmville and Castleville invitations, constantly being invited to events by someone who doesn't even live in the same state as you, and otehr annoying notifications. There are two ways to do this: the long, cumbersome way of going through your account settings...or right in the notification bar itself. … Continue reading How to Turn off Farmville, Events, and Other Annoying Notifications on Facebook

Facebook Pro tip: Birthdays

Birthday wishes on Facebook are kind of expected these days. It's nice that Facebook not only reminds you about your friends' birthdays, but they also give you a chance to spend some money and send them a gift card right away. Of course, they're happy to pocket some cash in the process in order to … Continue reading Facebook Pro tip: Birthdays