Radical Optimism Will Change Our World (An Interview/Feature)

I was recently interviewed about my life post-Supreme Court: what I've been up to, how I deal with failure, and why I believe in radical optimism. Read the feature here.


Disparagement, Contempt, and Disrepute

I recently sat down with Ken White of the Make No Law podcast to provide an inside look at my journey to the Supreme Court. While this is geared towards First Amendment geeks, this is probably one of the better features on the story and is one of the few that actually explores what the … Continue reading Disparagement, Contempt, and Disrepute

Interview with Business Info Guide

I recently did an interview with @bizauthor of Business Info Guide about the inspiration behind my book, How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements, as well as how I like to stay organized for productivity. Check it out here.