When Google Alerts Doesn’t Work

If you are responsible for brand monitoring, vanity searching (aka Googling yourself), or measuring social media temperament for your company, you're probably using Google Alerts. If you aren't, you should go and sign up for their notification system. It's pretty good.If you have been using Google Alerts for a while though, you might notice that things sometimes … Continue reading When Google Alerts Doesn’t Work

How to Google Yourself (and Why You Should Do It)

Googling yourself isn't just a running joke on 30 Rock, it's actually important for brands, reputation management, background checks, and privacy. Whether you are launching a marketing campaign, conducting a job search, or just curious about what comes up with your name, you'll want to "Google yourself" properly with these steps: Learn how to use … Continue reading How to Google Yourself (and Why You Should Do It)

Organic Marketing Applied to Facebook Timeline

I posted this on my music marketing blog today but there it is completely relevant to all business and non-profit organizations using Facebook as well. I hope you enjoy. The Facebook timeline requirement for pages has been looming for a while and now that it is a requirement, many artists have been wondering how to take advantage … Continue reading Organic Marketing Applied to Facebook Timeline

Google and Brand Trust

Google has been in the news lately over concerns in regards to their updated privacy policy. There have been a few articles but nothing on the scale that Facebook faced (or even worries about the government having access to information in The Patriot Act). Google is an example of a brand that has built solid … Continue reading Google and Brand Trust

What Google Algorithms Can Teach Us About Organic Marketing

Google Filtering and Organic Marketing One of the most amazing accomplishments of Google has been the development of complicated algorithms that can predict your future behavior. Essentially, it is accomplished by taking the aggregate of all past searches and behavior online: what types of content you click through, search terms, how you are connected through … Continue reading What Google Algorithms Can Teach Us About Organic Marketing