Scaling Up

Tonight, I'm doing a new presentation in Nashville, TN about scaling up in the music business. It's based on an idea I've been developing for a new book. I believe that many artists get stuck in a rut and find themselves unable to achieve more (in terms of income, new fans, opportunities, or otherwise) because … Continue reading Scaling Up

So You Want a Resolution

As we move into 2020 and people begin making their list of New Year's resolutions, I'd like to challenge you to take a moment and think about what it really means. Most common of course, people think of a resolution as a decision to do (or not do something). But in addition, we can seek … Continue reading So You Want a Resolution

Relationships and Music

Saw this wonderful quote from Skye Linh today that said "Being single is so much better than being cheated on, lied to and disrespected." It parallels this other axiom about success which states "In life, you don't get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate for." We're often bound by our own fears and … Continue reading Relationships and Music

5 Strategies for Managing Multiple Social Media Marketing Channels

543. That's how many digital communication channels I manage right now. Between email, social media, and online advertising for my businesses, organizations I work/volunteer for, my clients, and my personal use, that's 543 different accounts, login authentications, areas to send/receive messages, or even places to have a potential communications crisis. I know some people with far … Continue reading 5 Strategies for Managing Multiple Social Media Marketing Channels

The New Year: It’s All in Your Head

Today, your Facebook and blog feed is probably not unlike my own:it is full of reflections, resolutions, and promises of a new start. However, remember that the new year is all in the mind. Time - and the calendar we use to measure it with - is all just perspective. Because the biggest time zone … Continue reading The New Year: It’s All in Your Head