The Problem With Computers Running the World

Last week, the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked and a false claim was made about the White House being attacked. Immediately as a reaction, the stock market took a dip of nearly 100 points. Most analysts claim that this was actually due to computer error: software that scans the news and automatically makes decisions … Continue reading The Problem With Computers Running the World

Lessons Learned From Email Spam

Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from "Your INVITED by SV" with the subject heading as "Dear KELLAN.COOPER VideoINclusioN NEWSLETTER!" Not only did I not sign up for this newsletter, but my name is not Kellan Cooper either. It turns out, this "newsletter" is supposed to be for a conference that "improves … Continue reading Lessons Learned From Email Spam

How to Improve Your Open Rates

I love this meme. I can still hear the AOL sound clip in my mind saying "You've Got Mail!" Back then, email was such a phenomenon (especially through AOL), that a film plot with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was built around the concept. Not long after, email became so common and inundated with spam that … Continue reading How to Improve Your Open Rates

2012 Email Marketing Predictions

I was one of nine Marketing specialists whose brains were picked in order to get our predictions for the future of email marketing. If you're interested, you can pull up the report from MailerMailer here: Email Marketing: What's in Store for 2012? Enjoy, I hope you find good information there.