Once Upon an App: An Online Dating Fairy Tale

I'm pleased to announce that my newest TEDx talk on love and education is finally out! Please watch Once Upon an App: An Online Dating Fairy Tale filmed at TEDxDupontCircleEd below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY2QH_azjU4 And speaking of fate and coincidences, this talk was released on the one year anniversary to my wife.

Marketing is Like Dating

There are many lessons that can be learned from dating that can be applied to Marketing: Pick-up lines don't work, personality does. Don't rely on the cheesy slogans or buzzwords to get you there, they won't stand on their own. However, if it's a part of your brand and reveals some of your personality, then you … Continue reading Marketing is Like Dating

Self-Entitled Marketing

The concept of "Permission Marketing" has been around for some time. Popularized by marketing guru and author Seth Godin, it essentially boils down to marketers asking for "permission" before advancing to higher levels of engagement or a purchasing process with customers. It's often contrasted with what Godin likes to call "interruption marketing," the practice where … Continue reading Self-Entitled Marketing