When Everyone is a Pundit

During this time of year, a boisterous mockingbird will land on the tree outside my bedroom window every morning to sing at 6 AM. It's quite a racket. Aside from the decibel level, the song is never consistent. Sometimes, it sounds like other birds. Other times, it sounds like it is mimicking a car alarm. … Continue reading When Everyone is a Pundit

Oh, the Contradiction

It's not surprising to find contradictions in our ideas, values, and beliefs. For example, many who are pro-life also support the death penalty and military intervention that includes swift, violent retribution or the assignation of others. Or, those who say they believe in freedom of speech... at least until they find speech that they find … Continue reading Oh, the Contradiction

The Direct Approach

If you're active on Linkedin, chances are that you receive generic pitches in your feed or messages on a regular basis. Today, I received one that said "We work with a lot of Principals in your industry," which clearly meant that he didn't bother to see what my industry was, A few days ago, I … Continue reading The Direct Approach

How to Talk With a White Supremacist

Before you buy into a label or stereotype about someone, even if is one that is self-imposed and especially if it is one that is in direct conflict with your own beliefs, ask questions before you make assumptions.

How to Reach Out to a Diverse Audience Without Being Offensive

In the world of marketing and communication, the words ‘diversity,’ ‘inclusion,’ and ‘representation’ are often thrown around and emphasized but in a very superficial manner. Specialists will look at a catalog or commercial and suggest to include more people of color, nontraditional gender roles, or different body types. While all of these things are important, … Continue reading How to Reach Out to a Diverse Audience Without Being Offensive

4 Things They Don’t Teach You in MBA Programs (But Really Should)

I’m wrapping up my final term in an MBA program right now, with a concentration in Marketing. So what exactly does the Master of Business Administration degree do? For some, it’s to help unlock higher earning potential as well as to open up possibilities for obtaining an executive-level position at a company. For others, it … Continue reading 4 Things They Don’t Teach You in MBA Programs (But Really Should)

Avoid Using Auto-Reply Messages Like the Plague

These days, do you hear anyone complaining that they don't receive enough email? "I wish I had more pointless messages coming into my overcrowded email box," said no one ever. This is why I am against using auto-reply messages for any reason other than their intended use: as an away message (and even then, we … Continue reading Avoid Using Auto-Reply Messages Like the Plague

How to Improve Your Open Rates

I love this meme. I can still hear the AOL sound clip in my mind saying "You've Got Mail!" Back then, email was such a phenomenon (especially through AOL), that a film plot with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was built around the concept. Not long after, email became so common and inundated with spam that … Continue reading How to Improve Your Open Rates