Sprint vs. Marathon

Yesterday, I was thinking about how people train for a marathon. It seems pretty straightforward: you run a little more each day to build up stamina, you eat appropriate food to get more energy, and you get advice from other experienced people who have run marathons before. What you don't do is sprint short distances, … Continue reading Sprint vs. Marathon

Upcoming Entrepreneurship Seminar

On June 25th, I'll be teaching an all-day seminar on Entrepreneurship at Marylhurst University. While it is generally reserved for current MBA and business management students, the school is welcoming community members to attend as well. Below is information about the class: Entrepreneurship involves the process of converting an idea or invention into a successful enterprise … Continue reading Upcoming Entrepreneurship Seminar

What the Walking Dead Can Teach You About Marketing

  I recently contributed to THE WALKING DEAD MARKETING GUIDE TO KILLING IT IN 2013 article. If you're interested in knowing how you can spread your brand like a deadly outbreak of zombies, check it out. Here are my top 3 thoughts on what businesses can learn from the acclaimed show: 1) They let their fans do … Continue reading What the Walking Dead Can Teach You About Marketing

The Market for Marketing

"Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.” - Milan Kundera A few years ago, I met up with Tim Tran, the former Chief Financial Officer for Shell Oil International, to talk about businesses and careers. He believed that the best, most secure line of work in the corporate world or any business was … Continue reading The Market for Marketing

Writing a Compelling Story for Your Brand

The Compelling Story is used to get an emotional response from the prospect. This is where you generate excitement or compassion. It’s the history of your organization or how you affect the community. It’s the page-turning biography or tale that you would hear on Paul Harvey’s radio program. It’s the in-depth conversation after the speed … Continue reading Writing a Compelling Story for Your Brand

Organic Marketing Applied to Facebook Timeline

I posted this on my music marketing blog today but there it is completely relevant to all business and non-profit organizations using Facebook as well. I hope you enjoy. The Facebook timeline requirement for pages has been looming for a while and now that it is a requirement, many artists have been wondering how to take advantage … Continue reading Organic Marketing Applied to Facebook Timeline

Finding Your “It Factor”

Have you ever wondered why people are drawn to certain celebrities, songs, television commercials, or other interests?  The French refer to it as je ne sais quoi, or the indefinable quality that makes someone special. It’s the “it factor.” Sales, marketing, and advertising executives call this USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. It’s a term that … Continue reading Finding Your “It Factor”

Apple Inc. reported its best-ever financial results for its first fiscal quarter Tuesday... Apple’s cash pile of $97.6 billion is: -enough to buy Dell, Yahoo, Motorola Mobility, Activision Blizzard, Best Buy and Netflix together, all at a 10% premium. Apple’s revenue of $46.33 billion is: -more than the individual gross domestic product of 105 countries, … Continue reading

Self-Entitled Marketing

The concept of "Permission Marketing" has been around for some time. Popularized by marketing guru and author Seth Godin, it essentially boils down to marketers asking for "permission" before advancing to higher levels of engagement or a purchasing process with customers. It's often contrasted with what Godin likes to call "interruption marketing," the practice where … Continue reading Self-Entitled Marketing