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“Simon Tam has been an evangelist for free speech and equality as mutually reinforcing rights. He has given several terrific TED talks which I highly recommend” – Nadine Strossen, law professor and former president of ACLU

“No constitution, no bill of rights alone can guarantee human freedom. Only the people themselves can do that. People like Simon Tam…are willing to risk their security – and sometimes their lives – to make the Bill of Rights not just empty promises on paper, but a living reality [to] expand freedom for the rest of the nation as well.” – The Bill of Rights: A User’s Guide

“Our law firm invited Simon to Seattle to present on racial diversity and inclusion.  He is a thoughtful, articulate and insightful presenter with a compelling personal history.” – Mike Keyes, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

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Simon Tam is an acclaimed author, speaker, and entrepreneur.  He is one of the most in-demand speakers for events related to diversity and inclusion, intellectual property law, marketing, and the arts today. His thought-provoking style is entertaining, inspirational, and unforgettable. 

He has been a featured speaker at events for TEDx, Stanford University, the Department of Defense, SXSW, and hundreds of events across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Simon will leave your audience with fresh perspectives and stories that will drive conversations for years to come.

“I can’t even find the words to express my admiration for your courage and ability to effectively communicate your message… The words that are swimming in my head thinking about your life and attributes: Perseverance, equality, unparalleled, force, dynamic, raconteur, influencer, bellwether, wise, and unstoppable.” – attendee, South Texas College of Law

“One of the most inspiring people I have heard speak. Amazing story… “ – member, Leadership Council on Legal Diversity

“Simon’s genuine nature and speaking style made for a very authentic and approachable storyteller. The talk was both informative and engaging, and left everyone looking for ways that we could help promote this message and important work!” S. Musnicki, Associate Director at Eastern Washington University


As the named party in one of the most high-profiled intellectual property law cases in modern history, Simon offers a unique and nuanced perspective to the legal journey from the applicant’s point of view. He is compelling, engaging, and extremely well-versed with legal issues.

“This was one of the best CLE presentations I’ve attended in over 20 years.” – member, IP Law Association of Chicago

“I did not expect Simon Tam to be such an incredible storyteller…I would highly recommend others to listen to Simon’s story. There is much to learn, and not simply from a legal perspective.” – member, IP Law Association of Chicago

If you are interested in having Simon speak at your event, please complete this form:


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