Simon Tam Keynote from Courageous Inclusion Conference 2017

My keynote speech for the 2017 Northwest Public Employees Conference, Courageous Inclusion, is available to watch on YouTube:


Long Tails in Our Marketing, Long Tails in Our Minds

In business and statistics, there's a concept called "long tail." While it generally refers to a strategy of selling large numbers of niche products in small quantities each (the distribution curve looks like a long tail), it's also a term that we're seeing more of in the marketing world. Long-tail marketing techniques rely on technology … Continue reading Long Tails in Our Marketing, Long Tails in Our Minds

Don’t Base Outreach Strategy on Algorithms

A few minutes ago, I just received a phone call that began with "Hi, this is an important phone call" - CLICK. That's all I needed to hear. If something was truly important, they should have used a real person instead of an automated system. And they should not have used a generic greeting that … Continue reading Don’t Base Outreach Strategy on Algorithms

The Direct Approach

If you're active on Linkedin, chances are that you receive generic pitches in your feed or messages on a regular basis. Today, I received one that said "We work with a lot of Principals in your industry," which clearly meant that he didn't bother to see what my industry was, A few days ago, I … Continue reading The Direct Approach

Yes, Read the Comments Section

My newest TED talk was delivered in May 2017 in Bend, Oregon. While the eyebrow-raising title ("Yes, Read the Comments Section") might make some feel uncomfortable because of their personal experiences, I believe it is important to wade into the waters of the unknown in order to make connections with those of different beliefs. At … Continue reading Yes, Read the Comments Section

Free Book Promotion

This weekend, my first book, How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements, will be free to download on! Building a relationship with a corporate sponsor is one of the most important things an organization needs to do in order to achieve its mission. Sponsors can not only provide a source of income, but also increased … Continue reading Free Book Promotion

TEDxSpokane, NW Public Employees Diversity Conference, Shonen Knife

What an incredible past 4 days! Things kicked off on Saturday night in Portland, OR, when my band (The Slants) debuted our new lead singer and shared the stage with Japanese pop punk legends, Shonen Knife. It was an incredible show - many local friends joined us at the show and gave Ken (our singer) … Continue reading TEDxSpokane, NW Public Employees Diversity Conference, Shonen Knife

5 Ways to Live Tweet Like a Rockstar

Like any other communications effort, live-tweeting involves both strategy and tactics. You should have broad goals and purpose, as well as specific actions to execute the plan. Doing so can exponentially raise the awareness and increase the life of your in-person efforts.

Guest Curating State of Wonder on OPB

  Today, I was a guest curator on OPB's State of Wonder, a show about the arts, talking about my newly released book, Music Business Hacks. I was blessed to be joined by some incredible people: Frank Portman, YA author and lead singer of The Mr. T Experience Angela Weber, one half of The Doubleclicks … Continue reading Guest Curating State of Wonder on OPB