Conflict and Resolution

Recently, I shared about an experience I had that could have been tense, anger-inducing, and possibly ruin my day. Instead, it turned out differently than most would expect: Yesterday, a white supremacist began sending messages to my FB page in response to one of my TED talks. I think it was mostly an attempt to … Continue reading Conflict and Resolution

Why Isn’t the Media Talking About This?

It's a somewhat rhetorical question that we often ask without truly examining our intention: Why isn't the media talking about this? Usually, when this is said, especially on social media during a heated debate, the odds are fairly high that the media is indeed already reporting on the matter. After all, that person had to … Continue reading Why Isn’t the Media Talking About This?

Unexpected Recognition

This month, I received some unexpected news - twice - in the form of book awards. First, Book Authority named my memoir one of the 25 Best Books on the Constitution of All Time* (a pretty audacious claim in my opinion!). Then, I learned that I also received the silver medal from the Independent Publisher … Continue reading Unexpected Recognition

Never Forget Our Values

Today kicks off Asian Pacific American Heritage Month so I thought I'd share this experience from earlier this week. On Monday, I received over 100 hateful and racist comments from trolls, white supremacists, and far-right wing conspiracists on my Asian American band's page. More specifically, it was on a post announcing a new grant that … Continue reading Never Forget Our Values

Countering Hate With Art

I'm proud to be launching a new effort to help counter anti-Asian American racism that has been rising since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic while supporting artists. It's called Countering Hate with Art, the newest program from The Slants Foundation. At The Slants Foundation, we believe that art can play an important role in … Continue reading Countering Hate With Art

When Everyone is a Pundit

During this time of year, a boisterous mockingbird will land on the tree outside my bedroom window every morning to sing at 6 AM. It's quite a racket. Aside from the decibel level, the song is never consistent. Sometimes, it sounds like other birds. Other times, it sounds like it is mimicking a car alarm. … Continue reading When Everyone is a Pundit

On Milestones and Birthdays

Today is my birthday. I'm not doing anything huge - mostly spending the day with my partner and doing some work. In the past, I've usually been on tour. In fact, Facebook Memories reminds me that I was in Taiwan with The Slants just four years ago (we even made a tour documentary on it, … Continue reading On Milestones and Birthdays

How to Write a Book

It's easy to write a book, a song, direct a film or to start a business. Everyone with a pen or smartphone can do so. It's much harder to create something that is meaningful and can shift the culture. The difference between those two extremes seems stark: one seems like it could be mundane, rejected, … Continue reading How to Write a Book

On Moving to Nashville for Music

When I reconnect with old contacts and tell them that I moved to Nashville, TN, I almost always get asked, "Did you move to Nashville for your music career?" The answer of course, is no. I moved to Nashville because my partner and I wanted to live here (it was more affordable and diverse than … Continue reading On Moving to Nashville for Music