How to Write a Book

It’s easy to write a book, a song, direct a film or to start a business. Everyone with a pen or smartphone can do so. It’s much harder to create something that is meaningful and can shift the culture. The difference between those two extremes seems stark: one seems like it could be mundane, rejected, and not even worth the effort. The other has the capacity to be enduring, to spread, and impact others. However, the latter isn’t possible without the former – it simply requires a person to just start.


Sometimes, the fear of failure or the idea of perfection gets in the way of getting that first page or the first note written. But the brilliant thing is that even if it’s a bad draft, it still brings us one page closer than not starting at all. Whether you want to be an artist, an activist, or an entrepreneur, it isn’t so much a matter of being in that position of success, but rather of being on that path writing, composing, and failing again and again.

Today, the paperback edition of my memoir, Slanted, was released. I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy here.

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