Help Me Clear My Bookshelf

At the age of 13, one of my mentors gave me a book, “Developing the Leader Within You” by Dr. John C. Maxwell. It sparked something in me: I committed to reading at least two books on leadership and communication per month, every month, for the rest of my life.

The “Leadership Library” covers many topic including entrepreneurship, philanthropy, marketing, and becoming a CEO. There are skills and ideas for everyone, no matter the occupation.

Now, I’d like to do what my friend Allen did for me decades ago: to share this with others in hopes that it will inspire you to grow.

So if you’d like to receive some free books, let me know by telling me something you’re passionate about, a project you’re working on, and/or an area where you’d like to see some growth. I’ll find a resource that I think can help and send it to you with some notes on why I made that selection.

This is at no cost to you – I’ll even cover shipping. But if you want to pay it forward by making a small donation to The Slants Foundation (my nonprofit that provides scholarships and mentorship to artists of color), that would certainly be most welcome!

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