Slanted Recap: Larry King, Washington Post, and more…

I can’t believe that it’s only been three weeks since my memoir, Slanted: How an Asian American Troublemaker Took on the Supreme Court, was released. Since then, I’ve spoken for many groups about the story, including the Untitledtown Book & Author Festival, the University of Wisconsin, Otafest (Calgary, Canada), and numerous law and policy organizations across North America. What a ride!

Last week, I had a live interview on PoliticKing with Larry King and I had an incredible review in the Washington Post that called the book fascinating, compelling, and important. And, there have been other interviews and reviews with NBC NewsKOIN News, the Model Majority podcast, the WGN Morning Show, Quartz, and more.

I’ve always had conflicted feelings about this work. Part of me has always felt that my story was important and needed to be shared (probably why I travel so wide and far doing so). But the other part of me is filled with the seeds of doubt planted by the many publishers and editors who told me that this wasn’t a book worth releasing for a number of reasons: there’s no Asian American market, it’s too obscure, people don’t care. Yes, I did use their critical feedback as further motivation…but sometimes, that negativity sticks in those moments of self-doubt.

That being said, I am truly excited, humbled, and grateful for this. All of this. Whenever anyone wants to interview me for a story or requests a book for review, I’m still pleasantly surprised. According to many book publishers, this book wasn’t supposed to make it. Yet, here we are making it. Changing the landscape. Hopefully changing assumptions about Asian American authors and stories with one review and interview at a time.

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