The Next Day

If you’ve been in a long, deep slumber and looked outside to see the sun on the horizon, you would not be able to tell if the sun was setting or rising. It’s the solar equivalent of the glass being half empty or half full: the only difference is what has changed from before and where it is going.

Yesterday, the U.S elections broke ground in several key areas: more women ran for positions of leadership than ever before (some dubbed it “The Year of the Woman”), there was greater participation in early voting and record turnout for a mid-term election, certain races were closer than ever in areas where change seemed unlikely.

We’re now sitting at the edge of a precipice – or at least that’s what political pundits and parties will make it seem. But like where the sun sits in the sky, where are you in relation to it also changes whether darkness will come or a new day will break. For some, there will be excitement and new energy. For others, it signals more trouble ahead.

The thing is it doesn’t matter if it is morning or night when there’s work to be done. Some prefer working in the quiet hours of the night while others are resting. While most the United States is going to sleep, the majority of the world’s population in is waking up in another continent.

So it doesn’t matter if you feel like you’ve won, lost, or had mixed results: there’s still work to be done. Let your actions reflect the values, hopes, and ideas you invested by casting your ballot: get involved with community organizations, volunteer for a city committee, and find incremental ways to make your neighborhood, church, and workplace more welcoming. One should vote like their life depends on it not like other lives don’t. And one should follow through the next day by taking a step towards justice, no matter if their sun is setting or rising.

Remember, though the “moral arc of the universe bends towards justice,” that arc does not bend on its own. It needs people, persistence, and patience to see that through. So if it feels dark, provide a light in your community.

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