The Power of Noticing

Today, I got a message from Seth Godin.
To be more accurate, I got a reply back to my note thanking him for his work, which has been incredibly influential to me.
He’s one of the most in-demand authors and speakers in the world. To even send a few words, to say “I see you,” might not be a big deal for him (he’ll probably forget about it as he gets to email #900 today), but that gesture meant so much to me and it won’t ever be forgotten.
Little things, like the courtesy of a response, really go a long way.
Remember that the next time you’re tempted to flare up in anger or sarcasm, to lash out at someone you disagree with or are upset with, that they’ll remember that pain long after you do. Remember that kind words expressed might be more timely and needed to someone else than you’ll ever realize. Remember that sometimes, silence is deafening for the person who needs those words.

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