Negative Stereotypes and Fear of the Chinese are Still Very Present

Senator Rubio, along with the FBI Director, are targeting Chinese students, saying they’ve infiltrated “naive” colleges and universities, especially those in “math and science,” and part of a “whole-of-society” threat to the United States despite not having any evidence.
Yet, they aren’t talking about the FBI’s own evidence that white supremacist groups have infiltrated the police and secret service in large numbers over the past four decades.
The last few times the government perpetuated baseless stereotypes about Asians led to some of the most disastrous and shameful policies in our country’s history: the Chinese Exclusion Act and the incarceration camps for Japanese Americans. Nearly 140 years later, we’re still experiencing the effects of that.
A number of Asian American organizations, including the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Committee of 100, Japanese American Citizens League, and Chinese American Citizens Alliance are presenting a united front and asking to meet with FBI Director Christopher Way to help address these baseless accusations and clear up misunderstandings. Read their press release here. To read an article about what happened, click here.

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