Keynote at Purdue University

Last night, I had the honor and privilege of sharing a keynote lecture at Purdue University. The event was hosted by the Purdue University Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center, the Political Science Department, and the Brian Lamb School of Communication.

This was the first event where I shared my story in several months that was not hosted by a law school or legal affiliation. While I certainly enjoy discussing the legal aspects of my case, it was refreshing to hold that conversation without diving in deeply into the nuances of intellectual property law and how policies intersect with constitutional law or identity politics. It allowed for more room to really focus on larger issues of identity, creating social change within a broken system, and the power of self-identity.

After the event, I made the six hour drive straight back to Nashville to begin working on the next episode of my daily podcast show, Music Business Hacks. It’s great to be back in TN and I look forward to having some time to recuperate and write.

Here’s a short recap from the Purdue Exponent. If you’re interested in watching, here’s a video of the talk last night.



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