Go Big or Go Home

Go big or go home is a popular adage that exhorts you to go all in, to experience something to its fullest. Like other catch phrases, it’s easier said than done.

In one sense, it might dissuade people from trying at all – “Don’t bother unless you put your entire self into it.”

In another, it calls for accountability.

If you’re trying to launch a blog or podcast, if you’re trying to learn Twitter or Snapchat but only give it a half-hearted effort, failure is inevitable. If you’re trying to address institutionalized sexism or racism in an organization but care more about covering your tracks than challenging sacred policies or leaders, you will only perpetuate injustice. Revolutionary goals require revolutionary investment.

It’s no wonder people start small: it’s easier to be held to lower standards. You can say you “tried” to learn a new platform, you’re taking “steps” to hire differently, that you “strive” for justice without taking the big steps to get there. And people won’t care because you’ll live up to their expectations, the status quo.

But if you really want legacy, go big or go home.

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