Upcoming Events and Appearances

I’m excited to announce some of the newest events where I’ll be sharing stories. I hope you’ll be able to attend one in your area. For more information about any of these appearances, please feel free to contact me. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event or organization, please fill out the form here.

Upcoming events and appearances:

January 23, 2018 – Nashville, TN: Tenx9 (storytelling)

February 6, 2018 – Portland, OR: Airbnb HQ (keynote)

February 16, 2018 – Washington, DC: Katsucon (performance + panels)

February 20, 2018 – West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University (keynote)

March 1, 2018 – Nashville, TN: Nashville Bar Association Diversity & Inclusion Conference (keynote)

March 5, 2018 – Davis, CA – University of California, Davis (keynote)

March 19, 2018 – Austin, TX – University of Texas School of Law (keynote)

March 24, 2018 – Washington, DC: TEDxDupontCircle (TED talk)

April 10, 2018 – Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University (classroom visit)

April 19, 2018 – Washington, DC: American Bar Association Mark T Banner Awards (keynote)

April 26, 2018 – Denver, CO: DRI Intellectual Propertly Law Conference (keynote)

May 18, 2018 – Spokane, WA: Eastern Washington University (keynote)

May 20, 2018 – Seattle, WA: Seattle Aquarium (performance)

May 21, 2018 – Seattle, WA: International Trademark Association Conference (panel)

May 21, 2018 – Seattle, WA: Living Computers Museum (performance)

June 22, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA: The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s Fellows Alumni Leadership Symposium (keynote)

September 7, 2018 – Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan (keynote)



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