Written in a Tub, One Year Ago


I’m sitting in a bath tub. The band is out exploring DC and grabbing dinner while I’m I’m trying to get rested up because tomorrow is the big day at the Supreme Court.

Since landing here, I’ve received a over 21,000 messages and phone calls. It’s been back to back interviews, performances, and appearances…in other words, time being “on,” with little time to recharge (I’m an introvert, I need that quiet!). Most of the time, it’s answering the same questions that I’ve been answering for 10 years now. Other times, it’s dealing with persistent reporters who have no interest in the nuances of our case.

But in 23 hours, we’ll enter that courtroom knowing that we did everything possible to share our story, to talk about the importance of free speech, racial justice, and how art and activism are intertwined.

I’ve spent almost 8 years in court, almost a quarter of my life so that I could fight for marginalized communities to have their voices protected. Voices that area often silenced in fear of a football team regaining their trademark registrations. Our obsession to punish villains should not justify the collateral damage that the undeserved must experience. Part of my cost in taking up this cost was possibly being forever associated with a team who I find disagreeable…but it was for the greater good of justice. Being the target of both white supremacist groups and even activists that normally support my work…worth it if it means a more equitable society.

Now, we are heading to the final stage. How do I feel?


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