Yes, Read the Comments Section

My newest TED talk was delivered in May 2017 in Bend, Oregon. While the eyebrow-raising title (“Yes, Read the Comments Section”) might make some feel uncomfortable because of their personal experiences, I believe it is important to wade into the waters of the unknown in order to make connections with those of different beliefs. At the end of the day, I reiterate that apathy is not compatible withe love.

Side note: This was delivered at the end of a tour that had 60 scheduled appearances (speaking as a keynote, presenting as a panelist, and performing) so I was extremely worn out by the time the event rolled around. Remind me to never schedule a TED talk mid-tour again.

You can watch the video of the 9 minute talk below:

One thought on “Yes, Read the Comments Section

  1. I am heartened by your advice to read the comments, because I do just that and I will now wear it proudly. I thought it fell into the category of ‘guilty pleasure’.

    When reading the comments, I used to ask myself, ‘What the hell is wrong with this loony’? and would click over to their social media feed. What I often find when I do this is a person who has family and friends, and who posts at least some content that I would post myself. Sometimes they’re posting motivational content about being a decent person in the world, even though I don’t perceive their online comments to be reflective of a decent person.

    And then I start to wonder about myself. How are my comments and actions being perceived?

    At our house we use the phrase, ‘That was NOT a Dale Carnegie moment’ and we all have them. I now don’t wonder what’s wrong with people, but I do wonder about their stories. As you point out, we have similar values, but we have different experiences that impact how these values are reflected. I hope I’m better at asking questions before judgement.

    Love your TED talks, they’ve had an impact here!

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