Upcoming Entrepreneurship Seminar

On June 25th, I’ll be teaching an all-day seminar on Entrepreneurship at Marylhurst University. While it is generally reserved for current MBA and business management students, the school is welcoming community members to attend as well.

Below is information about the class:

Entrepreneurship involves the process of converting an idea or invention into a successful enterprise embodied in an organizational form. Entrepreneurship embraces the full range of traits and skills including creativity, critical thinking, ethics, data-driven decision making, communications, and strategy. This seminar will explore the full scope of entrepreneurship including the concept of innovation and the role of contemporary entrepreneurship as a driving force of job creation and economic vitality in the twenty-first century.

The one day seminar (9am-6pm) will feature hands-on activities, guest speakers, and business skills that can be applied immediately.

Here are the published catalog fees:
Credit-seekers: $463 for undergrad & $628 for graduate.
Non-credit audit fees: $278 for undergrad & $371 for graduate.
For those not interested with graduate level academic credit, the class is available for $275 per person. For groups of 4 or more, the price drops to $175 per person.
If you are interested in attending, please let me know right away!

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