Losing the Line Between Art and Activism

My newest TEDx talk, Losing the Line Between Art and Activism, is now available to watch:

I was fighting a cold/jet lag that day so I hope you’ll pardon some of the coughing 🙂

This talk was probably one of the most transparent and vulnerable moments that I’ve had on the TEDx stage. I talk in depth about why I started The Slants, several of the struggles we faced in an industry that was set against us, and of course, our trademark battle – specifically,  what it felt like to have people sell us out.

Of course, a few weeks after I gave this talk, the US Federal Circuit announced their decision on my case: we won! While that may not be the final decision and it may have other unintended consequences in the law, it was definitely rewarding to see some justice after six years of fighting.

I hope you’ll enjoy the talk, as I share my own evolution in learning how to lose the line between art and activism.

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