New Scheduled Appearances: TEDxSalem, Music Millenium, Oregon Paralegal Association

I’ve updated the appearances page with a few more entries. Some of the highlights include:

July 12: Portland, OR – Music Millenium

I’m hosting a discussion of arts and business as well as doing a book signing for my newest release, Music Business Hacks. The book isn’t really formatted for doing a straight reading, but we can certainly discuss the concepts behind it. The event will be at 2:00pm, then the band will take the stage at 9pm at Cartlandia’s new venue, The Blue Room Bar.

August 16: Portland, OR – Oregon Paralegal Association

It seems my TED talk, A New Slant on Racism, struck a few chords and now I’ll be talking a bit more about it at the OPA’s “Success Seminar.” Should be a good time!

September 17: Salem, OR – TEDxSalem

I’m so honored and blessed to be able to return to the TED stage this year. This time around, I’ll be talking about the power of language and making every word count. My belief is that instead of measuring life by a stopwatch and treating it like a race, we live life as it really is – a countdown – and find more opportunities to interject love, joy, and laughter into the world.

I’m very excited to share this new, 5 minute TED talk in September and hope that you’ll join me in Salem, OR!

I’ll have plenty of other talks and performances throughout the country; for a full schedule, please check the appearances page. Thanks!

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