10 of My Best Social Media Tips

Social Media Hotline


1. On Engagement: Treat Social Media more like a telephone and less like a megaphone.

2. On Channels: Use only the social media sites that you can commit to managing effectively and that your audience uses. There’s no point in signing up for the newest, hottest social media site if your customers aren’t there.

3. On Quality: Make every post count. Does it inspire, make people laugh, make them cry, compels them to take action or share with others? If not, find a way to make it so.

4. On the Length of Facebook Posts: The shorter, the better. “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

5. On the Types of Posts: Follow this general rule: Videos (embedded into channel) > Photos > Video Links > Links >Text

6. On Promoted Posts: Only pay for posts once you master how to reach your audience without the need to do so. Otherwise, you’re just paying for ineffective advertising.

7. On Crowdfunding: Only ask for something if what you are doing gives value to your fans

8. On Buying Followers, Likes, or Views: Just Don’t. It’s a bad idea and can ruin your brand.

9. On Managing Multiple Accounts: Consolidate and use a team approach.

10. On the Best Strategy for Social Media: Listening. Think before you speak, take time to carefully write posts, blogs, and tweets for your audience. Most of all, give them something worth “liking” and “sharing.”


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