The Community College Experience


Today, The Blog of the Century by The Century Foundation, featured a story about my community college experience. I talk a little bit on why, despite receiving numerous grants and scholarships, I chose to attend a community college over a top four year university.

Students today are facing more student loan debt than ever. Competition for jobs is fierce. Despite these challenges and the rising popularity of the “UnCollege” movement, I strongly believe that two year schools offer an exceptional opportunity. Students can get a better value on their education, focus on a niche/trade, get real working experience, and connect with instructors who are passionate about their craft. Most of these schools’ foundations also offer unprecedented levels of support in the form of scholarships for students who can maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Every scientific study available shows college graduates earning more in their lifetimes than those only with a high school diploma. Studies also show healthier, more well-rounded lives for individuals with post-secondary education. While I do give credit to those who believe that they can “hack” some of their education (as UnCollege claims), college teaches us the more than just general coursework. It teaches us how to learn.

Besides, I doubt anyone would trust a surgeon who “hacked” his own medical training, an airline pilot who learned through YouTube and video games, or the economist who read a wiki on macro-economics.



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