Facebook Pro tip: Birthdays

Facebook Birthday Gifts

Birthday wishes on Facebook are kind of expected these days.

It’s nice that Facebook not only reminds you about your friends’ birthdays, but they also give you a chance to spend some money and send them a gift card right away. Of course, they’re happy to pocket some cash in the process in order to help their flailing stock.

However, if more than 3 people share the same birthday in your contacts, it can be rather annoying to wish them a happy birthday because a new set of ads/gift options will pop up after every message. This in turn expands the window and pushes everything down. You can’t use the scroll wheel on your mouse, that will only move the news feed. There’s no  scroll bar for this pop up window that will let you scroll down to the next birthday buddy, either.  It’s a little annoying.

The quick workaround is to work from the bottom-up. If you begin your birthday wishes with the last person in the “Today’s Birthdays” window, only the contacts you’ve already sent a message to will be pushed down, which will save you a little extra time to get to the next friend, without the fuss of a window with no navigation ability.

The time it won’t save you won’t be much, probably less than the time it took to read this. However, it does make the Facebook experience  a little less annoying. It’s likely that in the near future, they’ll streamline the gifting process more.


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