The New Year: It’s All in Your Head


Today, your Facebook and blog feed is probably not unlike my own:it is full of reflections, resolutions, and promises of a new start. However, remember that the new year is all in the mind. Time – and the calendar we use to measure it with – is all just perspective. Because the biggest time zone difference in the world is 26 hours, some people were ringing in the New Year while it was still December 29th for others.

You should be celebrating a “new year,” every day:

  • By reflecting on the past, learning from the experience and wisdom gained,
  • By renewing commitments for yourself and your community,
  • By taking some time to look forward to discovery and adventures to come,
  • and to celebrate with the people you love

There are many ways to measure time: the calendar year, the fiscal year of your business, an anniversary date, a birthday, and so on. However, we should be taking the same passion, ideas, and commitment set on this New Year day and applying them to every day of our lives.



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