Marketing is Like Dating

There are many lessons that can be learned from dating that can be applied to Marketing:

  • Pick-up lines don’t work, personality does. Don’t rely on the cheesy slogans or buzzwords to get you there, they won’t stand on their own. However, if it’s a part of your brand and reveals some of your personality, then you might just have a chance. Do people see you as serious? Fun? Over the top corny?
  • Know your type. Remember who your target audience is. In the dating world, you focus on people of the same sexual orientation who are single and looking. Trying to “pick up” someone who wouldn’t even be interested in you is a waste of time and will take time away from talking to someone who might be. It’s the same with marketing. Don’t bother trying to appeal to everyone, focus on your most enthusiastic audience.
  • Complete your profile. Individuals with complete and consistent profiles (photos, description, etc.) on dating and social media sites get better results. It makes them more trustworthy. Is there consistency in your brand? What kind of message are you sending when all of your marketing items seem piecemeal?
  • Do You Want a Long Term Relationship? Are you treating your customers like one-night stands where you don’t bother with follow-up calls or are you “courting” them and building up trust for a long term relationship. Treat your customers like you want approval from their parents and best friends, not like someone they don’t want to talk about.

Remember, organic marketing is based on simple, everyday practices from ordinary people. Get rid of the artificial stuff!
Speed Dating

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