The Complexity of Social Media Marketing

The Complexity of Social Media Marketing 

An infographic/chart on the complexity of Social Media Marketing was posted on today. I was surprised to find that these graphics do not even include YouTube, Mixi, Pinterest, or several other major social media websites.  In fact, I’d argue that YouTube should be listed as one of the top content delivery and blogging platforms out there.

Despite this evolving landscape of new platforms and mediums, the focus should not be in the number of followers. The focus should be on interaction and engagement. The new content delivery systems of Facebook won’t even show your personal or branded page updates to followers if they are not interacting with you on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how often you post – if you are not creating content that engages your audience, they won’t see any of your messages.

The “new era” of marketing really goes back to an old, organic principle: interactions trump impressions. This is why strategic partnerships (through sponsorship/endorsement) matter. This is the reason why organizations all over the world are hiring people who are social media marketing experts: it is a completely different skill set than traditional forms of advertising (print, radio, television), yet it is quickly becoming the most important method of reaching your audience.


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