5 Tips on Job Seeking from a Marketing Point of View

USA Today College posted an article today called Video Resume Revolutionizes Job Search. It’s about the new trend of having a personalized video that a job seeker can send to companies to give a quick overview of the candidate. It’s a great idea because it offers another tool to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Here’s how you can use the principles of organic marketing in a job search (and in all reality, it’s a process not unlike finding a customer):

  • Do your homework: Spend time learning about the company. What is their mission? Their values? Who will be interviewing you and what is their background? If your resume, cover letter, and/or video can reflect a strong fit with the company culture, they’ll be able to better visualize a match.
  • Use their language: Use their job descriptors in your resume. For example, if they’re looking for experience with Oracle or channel marketing, list that in your resume. Don’t just use broad terms like “sales and marketing.”
  • Re-frame all questions: When answering questions, always find a way to include the research that you’ve done about the company so you can really show a strong fit. For example, you could say “Just as your company has spent fifteen years in the area working with communities of color, I’ve volunteered for organizations working in tandem to your projects.”
  • Show your passion: What is a project that you’ve invested deeply into, that you are passionate about, and can show off some of your skills? If you can talk about actual projects and experiences that you are enthusiastic about instead of just listing a skill set, you’ll shine much more. People who are passionate about what they do get more attention and respect.
  • Let Your Uniqueness Shine: Have you done something incredible in your personal or professional life such as traveled to a remote country, learned several languages, or coordinated a large event? A unique or diverse background always makes you stand out, be remembered, and show that you have some depth.

Treat job-seeking like a sales and marketing prospect, one to be courted rather than teared as another task.

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