Google and Brand Trust

Google has been in the news lately over concerns in regards to their updated privacy policy. There have been a few articles but nothing on the scale that Facebook faced (or even worries about the government having access to information in The Patriot Act).

Google is an example of a brand that has built solid trust with their core audience. In fact, Information Week recently posted this article stating: Google and Privacy: Nothing to See Here, Move On. They’ve slowly built their empire around “Google values” through open-sourced programs, free and no-nonsense email/document management programs, and user-friendly mechanisms. Unlike Facebook, they’ve never had over complicated privacy issues and they put everything in simple, everyday English.

Perhaps it is a sign of the times when more people trust Google (a multi-billion dollar corporation at that) more than they trust their government, not only in terms of handling private information but in getting things done. This is brand loyalty at it’s finest.

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