Apple Inc. reported its best-ever financial results for its first fiscal quarter Tuesday…

Apple’s cash pile of $97.6 billion is:

-enough to buy Dell, Yahoo, Motorola Mobility, Activision Blizzard, Best Buy and Netflix together, all at a 10% premium.

Apple’s revenue of $46.33 billion is:

-more than the individual gross domestic product of 105 countries, according to the latest 2010 numbers from World Bank.

Apple’s income of $13.06 billion is:

-roughly the same as the latest quarterly profits of tech giants Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Intel combined.

Apple’s market capitalization of $415.96 billion is:

-is roughly the same as two Wal-Marts or five Amazon.coms or 10 eBays or 20 Time Warner Cables.

(Click for the source and full article, Apple By the Numbers)

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