Don’t Just Ask How but Why

Whenever a project achieves exceptional success, it is natural for people to ask “How did you do it?” Co-workers, supervisors, competitors, and others who want a taste of that success will be quick to learn the “secrets” of success. The truth is that:

  1.  Most success stories don’t involve any secrets (usually just inspiration and perseverance)
  2. Copying someone’s steps doesn’t necessarily get you the same results. It’s hard to get struck by lightning twice, there are too many variables.
  3. Most people already have an idea of how to get started, they just never take the initiative. Taking the first step is the most part of success. You can’t hit a goal you never set.

So instead of asking how someone accomplished something, begin looking at why those particular decisions were made and  why it was so successful. Break something down and find what makes sense for your brand. There’s a reason why luxury fashion brands continue to bring in millions in revenue while knock off bags only make a small profit short term. Genuine items, whether products or ideas, are worth more when they are rare, unique, one-of-a-kind. Feel free to learn from others but don’t copy them if you want to achieve success yourself.

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