Brand Therapy, Now!

Leadership guru John Maxwell likes to share his idea of something he calls “Destination disease” or “someone sickness.” It is a condition where a person is believes that their success lies somewhere else or with someone else. This person can be so fixated on a destination that they lose track of the journey that got them there – and often times, when a person arrives at their dream destination, they’re disappointed.

Many organizations suffer from this condition now. I often see struggling brands who are waiting for the right person to come in and rescue their marketing program. Some don’t bother getting involved with social media because they don’t know how to run the campaign. Others don’t update their websites or marketing collateral for years because they’re waiting for the right person to come along and help bring new life into their efforts. These brand are paralyzed with fear over not knowing what to do so they do nothing at all. In other words, these brands might be dying but they aren’t bothering with the plugging in the life support in front of them because they’re waiting for the surgeon to appear.

Social media, basic communication with constituents, creating a consistent mission – these are all things that could be implemented without a huge investment. Of course, having a great person to run the campaign helps but sometimes we need to create our own opportunities. So here’s some brand therapy: get into action. You know the qualities that you’d like in a new star employee like initiative, creativity, flexibility? Start adopting them yourself.

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