The Need for Marketing

A microphone is actually a miniature speaker. It works like the human ear; it “listens” for sound waves, then translates and reproduces the signal to send it to the brain (or sound system). Until it a microphone is used to magnify a person’s voice though, it is just a receiver.

A few years ago, I met up with Tim Tran, former Chief Financial Officer for Shell Oil International, to talk about businesses and careers. He said that the best, most secure line of work in the corporate world was in finance because “people always need their money counted.” I simply replied: “without marketing you wouldn’t have any money to count.”

A great idea without a means to spread it is simply just a secret. Without a person selling the world’s greatest mousetrap, it will not trap the mice of the planet. If no one singing and playing the next hit song, it will just be a song. Ideas, products, and music need to be spread. There will also be a need for marketing; no matter what trend it might take. However, “marketing” isn’t necessarily advertising.  Someone with a marketing title might be doing less marketing than an outdoor sales representative on the frontlines. Organic marketing isn’t about who can scream the loudest into the microphone, it’s the person who can speak into and get their fans – the brand loyalists – to scream the loudest for them.

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