The Snooze Button Effect

One of the great disservices to production is the snooze button mentality. For the longest time, I could never understand why someone would use the snooze button because it always took a little to fall asleep again and one always seems to be more tired after that additional five or ten minutes anyway. Why not just set the alarm for the an exact time and not fuss over battling repeated interruptions? Wouldn’t that give you more rest if you set it later?

The mentality of a snooze button work flow dominates our business community, especially in the non-profit world. We are bombarded with emails, calls, and tasks in addition to our daily duties. And despite upcoming deadlines, whether they have a great amount of notice or not, we hit the snooze button and put off switching from the current activity to what we really need to be doing instead.

Simply put we should be prioritizing our time to tackling the most important things, the items that bring in the most return, and that have the most urgent deadlines. Sometimes we just need to switch gears even if in that very moment it seems inconvenient, tiring, inappropriate, or justified because sometimes that extra five or ten minutes will lose the sale, the donation, or the grant that you’re seeking. And that will really be a wake up call.

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