Organic Marketing (Marketing by Intuition)

I’d like to present an idea that I have about the purest, most natural, self-evolving form of marketing: organic marketing. This is not something learned in a book, seminar, or school (though all of those things may help). It is something that forms naturally out of passion. Tactics such as the 5 P’s, SEO optimization, META language, channel marketing, are all tools to help refine the process but none of those things naturally create excitement about your brand.


Organic Marketing occurs:

–       When you know the target audience so well that you can define your actions to revolve around a single person rather than a demographic range.

–       When you are passionate about your brand.

–       When you don’t need pre-scripted boiler-plate language to communicate what your mission or values are.

–       When you create such excitement in your target market that they naturally spread your message for you.

–       When you know what your fans want before they know what they want.

Organic Marketing does not occur: 

–       When your sales pitch sounds like a scripted, forced, sales pitch.

–       Your target is more revenue not higher satisfaction with your products or services.

–       When you rely more on a system or formula than intuition of what your customers will need, what will make your organization grow, and what will generate genuine excitement.

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