The Business of Hope: Marketing Non-Profit Organizations

Since 1996, I’ve been working with non-profit organizations in some capacity. What began as doing some volunteer work on weekends launched into a lifelong passion in serving the planet. Whether I was directly serving for an organization on staff or merely a part through serving on a committee, it seemed I always gravitated towards branding, messaging, and marketing. Those same skills and interests became more sharply defined as I began studying leadership and applying them to my own businesses over the years.

A recent change in my life inspired me to put these thoughts to paper and begin writing a book specific to cause marketing. I wanted to create a guide for non-profit organizations that was easy to apply and something that could be used by staff or volunteers with little to no experience in direct marketing. Hence The Business of Hope: Marketing Non-Profit Organizations was born (though title might change along the way). I’ll be including case studies as well as personal experience, both from non-profit as well as for-profit organizations.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to revive my marketing consulting practice once more and will be writing thoughts about business development here on this site. I hope you enjoy.